Men and Miscarriages

There are some books that I just do not want to have to review, not because the books aren’t good, but because the topics are heart wrenching, this is one of them. But before you switch off, let me also explain why this book is necessary. Over the years I’ve read a few books on miscarriage, all of them written by women and for women. That isn’t a bad thing. However, every miscarriage for a married couple involves 2 people, 2 individuals hurt, 2 sufferers mourning the loss of a little one, 2 people who need care and Biblical comfort

In Ours Eric Schumacher opens up about his own painful experiences of four miscarriages and takes you right to the Bible to find comfort. Nothing will take away the loss or the pain, but a fresh glimpse of Jesus will lift your eyes to eternity and can bring hope.

This book is written as a companion book to Held, read my brief review here, in which Abbey Wedgeworth brings comfort to women from the Bible as they journey through the pain of miscarriage.

I must confess, I am not the intended audience for this book, I have not suffered a miscarriage in my marriage. However, I have sat with friends who have and felt their pain to an extent. Whilst I may never know the full extent of the pain of a miscarriage, I know those who have that experience and I can think of no better book to give the male party for comfort.

Since reading Held in 2020 I have given away multiple copies, and now reading Ours I will, without a doubt, do the same.

In 31 short chapters, each of which is a devotional on a passage of Scripture, you’ll hear the voice of a man who has Biblical wisdom, who has a heart for the suffering man and who wants to help you find comfort in Christ. Eric’s love and care is evident on each page. You’ll find short and easy to understand meditations on Bible passages, a couple of reflection questions and a space to journal at the end of each chapter.

Eric doesn’t just walk you through a book, but he takes massive questions born out of grief and pain and addresses them with the hope of the gospel.

If you have, or if you have friends and family members who have, suffered a miscarriage, please pick up this book. If you’re a man this is written to you, if you’re a woman, please pick up Held. These books will bring comfort as they point you to the hope that is only found in Jesus.

Whilst in a sense I do not want to have to recommend this book, I can do nothing else. This book is needed and it will help! Please buy a few copies and share them with men struggling from the pain and loss of a miscarriage.

*** I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not change the way I rate the book. My views are my own. ***

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