Theology for Ministry

Many pastors have been through some form of seminary or Bible college and even those who haven’t have spent many hours studying theology. The study of theology is undertaken to help a Christian, pastor or not, to understand God and His Word better, among other things. You’ve probably heard the phrase “all theology should lead to doxology”. All theology should lead to worship. How exactly can pastors apply theology in their ministry? Here’s something that will help.

One of the theologians who has been an influence on many pastors is Sinclair Ferguson. Over the years Ferguson has written loads of books, ranging from children’s books to theological text books and from commentaries to devotionals. Many people, not least pastors, have benefitted from his insights and understanding of theology.

This book is the work of over 20 different authors who have come together to write chapters on how theology should impact the ministry of a pastor, how he views the world, himself, the Lord and the Church. This book is written in honour of and as a gift for Ferguson who has taught so many pastors over the years. Alistair Begg writes the forward and highlights the influence that Ferguson has had, and continues to have today.

Rather than me looking at just a few of the chapters in the book I’ll just highlight some of the chapters for you. If you’re in ministry, or you’re into reading theology, I highly recommend this book. It’s longer than other books I’ve reviewed before, coming in at a meaty 550 pages, but it’s worth it.

Here are some of the topics that are covered in the 26 chapters;

  • Eschatology – How the Telos of humanity must inform pastoral ministry
  • Communion of the Saints – Sharing the Spirit-endowed riches of Christ’s gifts and graces
  • Worship – Grounding our practice in God’s Word
  • The Law of God – Preaching the Law as competent ministers of a New Covenant
  • Sanctification – A pastor’s labor for the gospel call in preaching
  • Union with Christ – Gospel ministry as dying and rising with Jesus

Whilst this book is more meaty than others I would normally review, it’s well worth a read. You’ll find deep theology wrapped in experience of pastoral ministry. You’ll find theology with practical implications that should and will impact how you serve people in ministry.

*** I received a digital copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. This does not change the way I rate the book. My views are my own. ***

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