The benefit of being on site

One of the helpful things about some churches, not all, is that they have their own space. A church premises will most likely be used for church services and other activities throughout the week. This week I started a new job as Pastor of a new church and I’ve loved the benefit of being on site.

Being on site means much more than simply being there during Sundays or other meetings. This past week I’ve spend almost all of my working day in the office in our church building. It’s helped for a number of reasons that I think should encourage you, if you have a church building, to move your office on site.

1. Being on site makes you available for members

This past week I’ve had a number of different members stand in my doorway or sit on the couch of my office for a chat. They weren’t formal meetings, no agenda was followed. It normally started as a question that led to a conversation in which I learnt more about my new church family and they learnt more about their new Pastor.

It also means that you meet people as they serve the church, often behind the scenes. The cleaner who doesn’t normally get noticed or acknowledged for their work is encouraged as you say thank you and point them to Jesus.

2. Being on site makes you available to the world.

We’re in a community where apartment blocks look into our church building. That means that ‘outsiders’ can see there is something going on, that someone is in the building. It’s wonderful to see churches being used for the glory of God throughout the week.

In addition to that, it also means that you’re involved, or at least that you are able to pop in to different activities and meet people from the community. It helps you to turn simple presence in a building into opportunities to share Jesus with those around you. It may or may not be over a meal or whatever, but being present helps others see the importance you place on Jesus as a church and your love for him.

3. Being on site means that the Pastor is open and wants to listen to what people say.

I enjoy spending time with people. I enjoy discovering things of a time gone past and the stories that may have been passed from generation to generation.

Having a Pastor in the building will enable others to feel that they can come in for prayer, to ask a question or to share something that excited them about Jesus that day. Every conversation is a new opportunity to point people to Jesus and to rejoice at how amazing the gospel is.

Being present shows that you care and that you’re open to talk. Churches want to meet their Pastor, to see his work and to have an ear to listen. Being on site makes that possible.

Being a Pastor is a wonderful privilege and having a building to sit in and serve is a wonderful opportunity, if you have a building or if your Pastor works from the building, make use of it and be on site.

One thought on “The benefit of being on site

  1. Hi Alistair, many thanks for all the work you do on this blog which I have found to be very helpful. And I do wish you the greatest of blessings as you embark on your new pastorate.

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