Passion isn’t bad, but it isn’t enough

I’ve seen a number of blog posts recently about sermons, most of which have been good. They’ve argued for expounding the text in front of the preacher, putting the passage in its context (both in terms of the Bible story and redemptive history), and applying the text to the people in front of them. ButContinue reading “Passion isn’t bad, but it isn’t enough”

Quality not Quantity

I have a confession to make. Every year I set myself a reading goal on Goodreads, I find it helpful and it also helps me track what I’ve read in a year. I also start off a thread on twitter that normally does after a few months because I forget about it. So, here’s theContinue reading “Quality not Quantity”

Why I’ll never preach like Spurgeon and why that’s OK

If you’ve spent time in church Charles Spurgeon is probably a name that you’ve come across. He was an English Baptist Pastor who is often called the ‘prince of preachers’. He was gifted as a pastor, preacher and theologian which has lead to him being celebrated by many many Christian’s today.

Part 2; Is Sunday a spectator sport?

I first published this blog “Is Sunday a spectator sport?” about 2 weeks ago. Off the back of that post, I was accused of being an abusive pastor who was harming people by what I had written. I had a good private chat with the individual who flagged the concern. However, I wrote something publiclyContinue reading “Part 2; Is Sunday a spectator sport?”

Is Sunday a spectator sport?

Preparation is part of every day life. We prepare for exams and tests at school. We prepare for what we’re going to cook by cutting the relevant vegetables, etc. We prepare to go on holiday by packing our bags and making sure we have all the relevant paperwork. We prepare for a celebration by makingContinue reading “Is Sunday a spectator sport?”

Three things Christians should learn from devout Muslims…

Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some Muslim families. We’ve eaten in their homes and seen how they interact with their families and how their Islamic faith is lived out. In different contexts, I’ve also spent time discussing faith with Muslims which has helped me to be ableContinue reading “Three things Christians should learn from devout Muslims…”

The lonely path that you dig yourself…

There aren’t that many Christian books out there on biblical friendship. Too often Christians can isolate themselves and think that they can practice their faith without others input. This is not true and can lead to massive amounts of discouragement and struggle.