Spiritual Growth, Spines and Covers

Over the years I have recommended hundreds, if not thousands, of books. People regularly get in touch and ask for recommendations and it’s a joy to give them, it’s one of the reason this blog was started. But books, and the regular reading of books, isn’t enough. You can have the best argument on theContinue reading “Spiritual Growth, Spines and Covers”

The religious to-do list that cripples real growth

There are countless books on preaching and sermon prep. Many of those books focus on getting the exegesis (the text work), which is right and necessary. But there aren’t many books, or at least there aren’t many good books that I’ve read, on sermon application.

Sexism Wrapped in Theological Jargon

I am a firm believer in complementarianism. I believe that God created men and women with different roles within the family and the church. My position is not unusual but, I would argue, is biblical. I seem to spend a lot of time talking about it, but not in the way you might think. IContinue reading “Sexism Wrapped in Theological Jargon”

A Lethargic Faith?

You know the feeling; life is hard, work is busy, the kids annoy you, church feels ‘weird’ and your Bible goes unopened for weeks on end. Faith, like other ‘journeys’ in life, can become a bit stale at times. We can loose enthusiasm, we feel depleted of joy. Maybe we get bogged down in theContinue reading “A Lethargic Faith?”

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Imagine every Christian is standing before a judge. They’re then ordered to tell the gospel, but before the begin they must promise to say the truth. How many Christians would be able to do so? I’m not just talking about lay-members, how many pastors, theologians, mature and new Christians would be able to share theContinue reading “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth”

A Death-Blow To Modern Productivity

We all know that feeling, you wake up in the morning and all you see is a massive to-do list. You sit in a staff meeting and you talk about the week ahead and with every task your anxiety rises. You wake up to little faces staring at you and you’re thinking of entertaining themContinue reading “A Death-Blow To Modern Productivity”

The Moans and Groans, A Shared Experience With Different Outcomes

You’re all sat together, crammed into a bus, or a plane or a car. Different peoples, all from different background but having the same shared experience. It’s quite a normal concept, that we share experiences. However sometimes the outcomes are so vastly different that you’re amazed that the experience was the same.

“Pick up your suit, deny your hoodie and follow me”?

Can a church have such a thing as an unbiblical culture? It sure can! Look around the world, both past and present, and you’ll find churches whose doors are only opened to you if you’re a certain colour, social class, background or if you’re sticking to a certain dress code. Sure, it isn’t true ofContinue reading ““Pick up your suit, deny your hoodie and follow me”?”

The Blessed Curse

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ you’ve probably heard that before right? It’s normally a saying that is thrown around during times of hardship, but not so hard that we feel crushed. Christians can easily fall into the trap where we think that we should live pain and suffering free lives. However, not onlyContinue reading “The Blessed Curse”

My Best 10 of 2021…

Over the course of 2021 I read a total of 166 books. Most of those had been sent to me by publishers to give an honest review, some of them were authors who wanted my thoughts and some of them were pre-published books for my input and endorsement. Roughly 8 years ago I started readingContinue reading “My Best 10 of 2021…”