Don’t Hide Behind A Stiff Upper Lip

“I’m fine” We’ve all said it, even when it’s as far from the truth as possible. “I’m fine” We’ve said it even though we’ve just balled our eyes out in secret. “I’m fine” It’s a coping mechanism that portrays an image of strength, but in reality it’s a mask that hides the crumbling emotional lifeContinue reading “Don’t Hide Behind A Stiff Upper Lip”

Is It The Fault Of Evangelism?

I recently watched a Speak Life discussion between Glen Scrivener and Paul Feesey, on a subject that I’ve been following for weeks, where they discuss the question “Could the recent issues in the church have been avoided if we placed more emphasis on building the church rather than evangelism?” The video is an hour long,Continue reading “Is It The Fault Of Evangelism?”

Truth that holds in the storms

Storms rage, waves crash and the future seems bleak. I’m not talking about literal storms, but the storms that rage in our lives regularly. Maybe for you it was a doctor’s diagnosis. Maybe it was the death of a loved one. Maybe it’s the constant pain of poor mental health. Whatever your storm is, youContinue reading “Truth that holds in the storms”

Shears in the Hands Of A Good God

I used to live with a vine right outside my front door. In the summer it produced shade from the sun and sweet juice, but in the winter it appeared fragile, cut back and almost lifeless. No leaves in sight. No sign of life to the uneducated eye. All because in autumn the shears cameContinue reading “Shears in the Hands Of A Good God”

The Idolatry of a Stack of Cards

Idolatry, it’s an interesting word. It’s a word that congers ideas of obvious sins. Sins that most people agree are sins. Idolatry could mean lust or greed, pride or power. But idolatry is also one of those things that we miss so often. We miss it because we don’t want to see it.

From Pastor’s Kid to Pastor with Kids

This is an unedited and anonymous guest post. Views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of this blog. Firstly, I just want to say from the outset, I love my dad. We’ve had our difficulties in our relationship, but by God’s grace and our mutual love for theContinue reading “From Pastor’s Kid to Pastor with Kids”