An Illusion Not To Be Celebrated…

There are countless things in the world that should be celebrated. There are plenty of things that happen within the church that should be celebrated. Sadly however, it can sometimes be the case that things are celebrated that I don’t think should be. I’d like to mention something that I see celebrated quite a bit,Continue reading “An Illusion Not To Be Celebrated…”

A Hidden Problem of COVID19

There are so many things that have happened in 2020 that have been hard, as a result of COVID19. Thousands upon thousands of people have sadly lost their lives. Countries and citizens all over the world have been hit hard financially because of the virus. People have felt lonely, some even feel abandoned. The churchContinue reading “A Hidden Problem of COVID19”

Do Not Be Defined By Your Past

Every person has a past, Christians are no different. Listen to testimonies from Christians and you’ll soon find out that some have a very sketchy and difficult past, whilst others have a more ‘normal’ past pre-Christ. Regardless of what you have done in life, regardless of what sins you have committed, every Christian must knowContinue reading “Do Not Be Defined By Your Past”

Listen To Various Voices

The last few weeks and months have been a very interesting time to be alive. It’s been a very strange time with people on two sides of an issue slinging mud at each other. We’ve had different approaches to the Coronavirus, to lockdown and church services, to BLM, social justice and to the President ofContinue reading “Listen To Various Voices”

Don’t Pass Your Duties to Others

Time, busy, effort, sacrifice and capacity, all words that we probably use on a regular basis, is not a daily basis. There are plenty of times where we have valid excuses and reasons to then pass on our duties. In fact there are times where it is the wisest thing. But there are times whenContinue reading “Don’t Pass Your Duties to Others”

Tell me what you’re looking for…

This blog started off as a little bit of fun, I didn’t expect it to turn into what it is today. Initially I just wanted to write reviews of the books I read to help people get a feel for some of the good books out there. I started posting once a month. Then itContinue reading “Tell me what you’re looking for…”

The Hope We Have In Christ

The world is full of news that saddens humanity and brings a tear to our eyes. Even the strongest of men and the most stoic of people clutch for the tissues when they face it. It awaits every living thing. It is death. But unlike everyone else, a Christian has a certain hope that holdsContinue reading “The Hope We Have In Christ”

Choose Your Words Wisely

Words are much more than legible scribbles on a piece of paper. Words are much more than black and white characters on a screen. The way we use our words is important because they can harm or comfort, build up or break down. But more than that, we must be wise in the timing ofContinue reading “Choose Your Words Wisely”

The Thinking That Hinders the Christian Community

Slightly dramatic? Maybe or maybe not. I’ll let you decide. Can a thought process, or a certain attitude really be that harmful to the Christian community? I honestly think they can. Our thoughts and our attitudes lead to actions, which can have a positive or a negative effect on things. Maybe your initial thought wasContinue reading “The Thinking That Hinders the Christian Community”

Dangerous Discipleship

Discipleship is a word that is thrown around a lot in churches and Christian circles today. it’s become a bit of a buzz word. Every church or Christian will have their own idea of what discipleship looks like. For some it will mean sitting in skinny jeans sipping hipster coffee whilst reading the Bible. ForContinue reading “Dangerous Discipleship”