Why ‘deconstruction’ doesn’t work

Deconstruction, it’s a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent months. The pattern normally goes that people have been hurt by the church and they ‘deconstruct’. But I think that the whole process of wrong, and frankly a bit messed up, here’s why…

Vulnerability is good

The world speaks about being self-made. Kids are told that they can be whatever they want to be. We’re taught to ‘suck it up’. There is a bit of a culture that suggests that vulnerability is a bad thing. It’s in the church too. People can seem shocked if you answer anything other than ‘fine’Continue reading “Vulnerability is good”

Do lay-elders have it worse than paid-elders?

Last week I posted a blog titled “Does the Pastor Have it Worse?” I was pondering this question after being asked about it in a conversation I was having with someone on the radio. In the interview Chloe asked if people generally think that the pastor has it worse than the assistant pastor. Generally speaking,Continue reading “Do lay-elders have it worse than paid-elders?”

Does the Pastor Have it Worse?

I was recently interviewed live on UCB2, a Christian radio station in the UK. I was interviewed about my ministry, my life, my blog, my history with depression and my contribution to a book called “The Pastor with a Thorn in his Side“. In the interview the presenter, Chloe Wilson asked a great question; doContinue reading “Does the Pastor Have it Worse?”

Holiness, Discipleship and IKEA

My wife and I recently moved house. We packed our lives into boxes to move them across the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ll be honest, the same effort goes into moving country as it does moving house! But now we’re a the stage of buying furniture. I spent this evening with my wife and aContinue reading “Holiness, Discipleship and IKEA”

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think Ministry Is Only About You

“So when are you going to stop working for… [insert a ministry role that isn’t in a local church]… and go back into real ministry?” Have you ever heard that question before? Or how about the typical conversations where things other than the local church are seen as good and right things to do, butContinue reading “You’re So Vain, You Probably Think Ministry Is Only About You”

Suffering Is Painful, But…

I’ve spent this week writing a sermon on Job 1. I planned the series in Job at the beginning of the year and have been in preparation for it for years. Maybe you’re like me; at times it can feel as if our lives are all preparation for preaching a sermon on Job. We allContinue reading “Suffering Is Painful, But…”

Don’t Hide Behind A Stiff Upper Lip

“I’m fine” We’ve all said it, even when it’s as far from the truth as possible. “I’m fine” We’ve said it even though we’ve just balled our eyes out in secret. “I’m fine” It’s a coping mechanism that portrays an image of strength, but in reality it’s a mask that hides the crumbling emotional lifeContinue reading “Don’t Hide Behind A Stiff Upper Lip”