Apologetics, Dating, Marriage, Sex and Womanhood

Many books are written each year focusing on some of the topics that occupy our society and our emotional energy as Christians. Some book are written for pastors and teachers, some for parents and guardians and so on. However, few books are written to equip and encourage students / young adults in growing in theirContinue reading “Apologetics, Dating, Marriage, Sex and Womanhood”

Conspiracy theories, culture, chemistry and rest

Every year there are thousands upon thousands of books published, even in the Christian world there are so many books out there. Different publishers, different authors and different topics, so it’s no wonder that many Christians feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material and don’t know what book to read next. That’s why thisContinue reading “Conspiracy theories, culture, chemistry and rest”

Kid’s corner

One of the benefits of getting books from publishers and authors to review is that I often get my hands on some really good children’s books! Most of them tell stories from the Bible, or about faithful Christians, all designed to point children from an early age to see the goodness of the gospel andContinue reading “Kid’s corner”

Belong, Gather and Welcome

The church is a wonderful place, a mixed bag of people from all different walks of life and backgrounds, from different countries and different social classes and yet all bound together by their faith in Jesus Christ. In 2021 Tony Merida wrote a great book Love Your Church (see my review here) now the GoodContinue reading “Belong, Gather and Welcome”

Jesus through the eyes of women, marriage, friendship, counselling and mental health issues

One of the blessings of being a book reviewer is that I am often sent really good and helpful books to read. One of the issues of being a book reviewer is that I don’t always have the time to write in-depth reviews on each book. Therefore, every once in a while I write postsContinue reading “Jesus through the eyes of women, marriage, friendship, counselling and mental health issues”

Identifying Heart Transformation

Can people really change? It’s a question that most people will ask at least once in their life about a friend, a family member or a loved one. It’s also a question that you ask most often about yourself. It’s easy to see a pattern in your life and to get frustrated because you keepContinue reading “Identifying Heart Transformation”

Christian leadership

There are countless books in the world on the topic of leadership. There are also plenty of Christian books on Christian leadership, so the question is, do we really need more? Well, I think we do, each book can have its place providing it does something different or it is better than a book thatContinue reading “Christian leadership”

Reality and Other Stories

Stories have a way of catching your attention, drawing you in and helping you explore another world. Not only that but stories have the ability to shape the way you think, the way you understand and see the world around you. Stories are a powerful way to share the gospel, but also, as this bookContinue reading “Reality and Other Stories”