Leadership or Servanthood?

Over the years I’ve read a lot of books on leadership, in the context of local church ministry. It’s to be expected as that’s the area I work in and the area that I want to grow in. But a lot of books try to walk the tightrope between being a leader and being aContinue reading “Leadership or Servanthood?”

The Glory of God and Paul

The topic of God’s glory has fascinated me for years. How do you define such a wonderful truth about God, such a defining feature that is almost beyond all comprehension! I normally don’t read theology books whilst on holiday, but this time I did! my wife looked at me with a puzzled gaze, thinking thatContinue reading “The Glory of God and Paul”

5 Things To Pray For Your Spouse

Prayer is a wonderful and necessary act of devotion in the life of Christians. Prayer can encourage and build up others whilst at the same time help you grow and think about how you can be used by God to work out His will. Praying for, and with, your spouse is very important, here isContinue reading “5 Things To Pray For Your Spouse”

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

I must begin this review by saying that I am not a parent. I do not have children. I’m at that stage of life where many of my friends have young children and I hear their stories of the ups and downs of life with a small family. There are plenty of parenting books outContinue reading “Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids”

Authentic Ministry

There are countless books on ministry that fill bookshops and online-bookshops all over the world. Many of them focusing on the role of a person in church leadership, particularly their actions. For example, there are plenty of books on preaching, pastoral care, discipleship, etc. Those books are good and necessary, but they assume something –Continue reading “Authentic Ministry”

Depression, Gaming and Justification

I’ll be honest, I don’t really know who these books are for. They will be appropriate for high school kids and for those who consider themselves more mature (16-20). My issue is that these books tackle some massive topics in very short chapters, but they are good. So let’s take them in turn…

Be Still and Be Certain

It feels like just yesterday that I was wiring reviews for Easter books in 2021, but somehow it’s that time of year again. Finding new and good material for you devotional life at Easter isn’t always easy. Many Easter devotionals just cover the same ground and don’t necessarily bring anything new. But, I am excitedContinue reading “Be Still and Be Certain”

The Message of Judges

The book of Judges is quite a hard book, full of both moments of crisis and moments of victory. It contains some well-known people and some horrific stories that are hard to read. It’s one of those books that seems a little bit like it’s come out of an action movie including battles, power strugglesContinue reading “The Message of Judges”

Insecurities, shame, regret and why we hide

We all have things we regret in life. Most of us, if not all of us, have probably done something that causes us to feel guilty and ashamed. We’ve done things that we try to cover up. We don’t want people to see the ‘real me’ so we run, we hide and we shut ourselvesContinue reading “Insecurities, shame, regret and why we hide”

Is it Unspiritual to Be Depressed?

Over the years I’ve read a lot about depression. I have personal history with depression that I’ve written and spoken about on many different occasions. I’ve written a dissertation on how churches can best care for the depressed. Poor mental health is a topic that I am very invested in because I love people, andContinue reading “Is it Unspiritual to Be Depressed?”