Mental Health Awareness

This week is Mental Health Awareness week (May 10th – 16th 2021). Mental health is a very relevant topic for people to be thinking about, especially after the year we’ve had and all of the challenges that COVID has thrown our way. But, simply raising awareness of mental health isn’t really enough. People need toContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

Teenager, put down the screen

Kids, pre-teens and teenagers spend so much time on screens. I’m not condemning screen time at all, I’m also in front of a screen a lot of the time. Over the past year that scree time has just gone up, especially for kids and teenagers. School went online. I’m assuming that gaming time went up.Continue reading “Teenager, put down the screen”

Couch Companions…

It is an absolute joy to write book reviews for a number of publishers and authors. I regularly get sent books that I wish I could go into great depth about and share with you all. But, time is not on my side. Because of that lack of time, and the ever growing ‘to read’Continue reading “Couch Companions…”

Chief Scottish Man

Thomas Chalmers is one of the most prominent figures in Scottish Church history. His role in the founding of the Free Church of Scotland is probably what he is best known for. I’m just coming to the end of my seminary degree at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, formerly known as the Free Church College. So, I’veContinue reading “Chief Scottish Man”

Kid’s Corner

If we want the children in our churches to grow up to be strong believers, then we need to teach them. We need to teach them the truth. They will be confronted with lies as they grow up. Their faith will be challenged. They must be prepared for that battleground. The training of kids doesn’tContinue reading “Kid’s Corner”

Journal each sermon…

I have written before on the topic of taking notes during a sermon, why I think it’s helpful and a few suggestions on different ways to approach notes. I have also written about ways to help you remember what you read in your personal devotions and little tips that might help you out. Every nowContinue reading “Journal each sermon…”

Both–And; Understanding Apparent Contradictions in Christianity

When you first hear about God and Christianity there can seem to be contradictions. Such apparent contradictions are often raised in evangelism and in discussions of what the Christian faith is all about. How do we understand the apparent contradiction that the Bible says Jesus is both full man and fully God? Or that ChristiansContinue reading “Both–And; Understanding Apparent Contradictions in Christianity”

Pastors need practical training too…

I saw an article yesterday arguing that the reason many church leaders were leaving their roles is because they were not fulfilling the biblical requirements for being elders. This can definitely be case, but I don’t think it’s that simple. Many pastors can leave the ministry because… Pastors may get the theory of ministry inContinue reading “Pastors need practical training too…”