The God of the Mundane

Living in a world that tells people to be their ‘best self’, to achieve greatness and do something special with their lives is tiring. The focus is on the extraordinary, rather than the day to day grind of normal life. Well, it’s just wrong and it’s wreaking havoc in so many people’s lives.

Preaching; Experience and Emotions

I love receiving books to review about preaching, because 1) I preach regularly and 2) because I love preaching. Over the last few days I have read two very different books, one reflects on 50 years of Word ministry and the other focuses on the use of emotions in preaching (kind of). Let me sayContinue reading “Preaching; Experience and Emotions”

Understanding Esther, 1 Corinthians and James

One of my great privileges as a pastor is to preach from God’s Word. I spend a lot of time in God’s Word as I prepare sermons, write Bible studies, disciple people and go on pastoral visits, etc. Spending time in the Bible is a precious gift that every Christian should enjoy. And as weContinue reading “Understanding Esther, 1 Corinthians and James”

Kid’s Corner

Every once in a while I like to review books for little readers. These reviews are much shorter and basically act as a “Yes, I liked it” or “No, I didn’t like it”. I do this because there are so many books out there for kids and I don’t want to add to the confusion.Continue reading “Kid’s Corner”

Stories of Saints

As you know, I love a good book. I enjoy reading all kinds of books from deep theology to general Christian living, and from spiritual warfare to stories of people’s lives. I enjoy reading stories about people’s lives because often they are a mixture of exerting. There’s normally deep theological truths, experiences of the Lord’sContinue reading “Stories of Saints”

Love Your Church…

Covid has been a problem throughout the world for a whole variety of reasons. But it has also been a problem for many Christians for a very specific reason, for some, covid has robbed church members of their understanding of what church is. It is heartbreaking to see people who were previously active in theContinue reading “Love Your Church…”

Faithful Leaders…

There are so many books out there on the topic of church leadership. Most of the are written by men who’ve been in ministry for years and they want to pass on the baton. in a way, Rico does that with this book. He draws on his own vast experience of ministry to help theContinue reading “Faithful Leaders…”