Devotions for different seasons…

Ever few months I receive a new devotional work that is published to help the Christian grow in their love for and knowledge of Jesus. Some devotions are written for particular times of the year, like Advent or Easter, whilst others are general studies that you can undertake at any point. I’d like to introduceContinue reading “Devotions for different seasons…”

Draw Near

Over the years I’ve seen many different note books and journals that each say they’re designed to help the reader with their spiritual life too. Some of them are good, other of them are super cheesy. But I’d like to introduce you to a journal unlike any other I’ve seen before and it is great!Continue reading “Draw Near”

Digital Dominion

Do you take control of your digital devices? If you’re like most of the world, then probably not. There are tons of Christian books out there on the digital world, some of them are really good, others are just ok. But most of them take a negative approach to technology, the thing I like aboutContinue reading “Digital Dominion”

Wishlist, facts, Seek and Find…

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for many people. It can be a time of joy and a time spent with family members and loved ones. Many people still celebrate Christmas for the right reason, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I have already done a Christmas review pile, but here is anotherContinue reading “Wishlist, facts, Seek and Find…”

Into His Presence

Over the last few years I’ve benefited massively from reading the prayers of the Puritans. Godly men who penned prayers that are full of awe of God. Prayers that are full of rich theology and that give words to your own heart as you cry out to God in praise, in repentance, in dependance andContinue reading “Into His Presence”

It’s that time of the year (nearly)…

As a book reviewer, Christmas is a confusing time of the year, mostly because I start reading Christmas books normally in September. Each year publishers produce different Christmas books to help you think about Christmas. Some books are designed to give away to non-Christian friends and family, others are to help you over advent reflectContinue reading “It’s that time of the year (nearly)…”

The Beauty and Power of Biblical Exposition

One of the key tasks of a Pastor is preaching God’s Word and it is a wonderful privilege! Over the last few years I’ve had the joy of training a group of men in the church where I serve in a preaching group. We’ve discussed the in’s and out’s of preaching, how to understand aContinue reading “The Beauty and Power of Biblical Exposition”

The Air We Breathe

There aren’t many books that analyse culture, and our understanding of certain topics that start with a goldfish, not at least to my knowledge. It might be a bit unusual, at first, but it makes perfect sense. A goldfish lives in water, they see everything in the water, they enjoy the benefits of being ableContinue reading “The Air We Breathe”

Theology for Ministry

Many pastors have been through some form of seminary or Bible college and even those who haven’t have spent many hours studying theology. The study of theology is undertaken to help a Christian, pastor or not, to understand God and His Word better, among other things. You’ve probably heard the phrase “all theology should leadContinue reading “Theology for Ministry”

Big truths for little readers

It’s been a while since I highlighted any children’s books, so here I’d like to give you a range of books that are suitable for children from toddlers to pre-teens. All these book are a bit different, each has its own intended audience and its own topic. Starting with the books for the smallest readersContinue reading “Big truths for little readers”