Did God really say…

I have had the privilege of studying theology for 7 years by now. I did 2 years at a Bible College and am currently in my 5th of 6 years at seminary (part-time). Studying theology is an absolute joy, most of the time. I enjoy delving into the depths of Biblical truths, wrestling with coreContinue reading “Did God really say…”

Everyone’s a theologian…

If you read this blog regularly or if you know me and have spoken to me at all, you’ll know that I like theology. I enjoy discussing deep questions about the Bible, God and all doctrines pertaining to Christianity. I enjoy listening to and reading other perspectives that I don’t agree with to gain aContinue reading “Everyone’s a theologian…”

Joy in the sorrow

One of the topics that I’ve done a lot of reading on over the years, due to my own personal experience of suffering, is the very relevant topic of suffering. There are plenty of books out there on the theory of and theology of suffering and plenty of books full of testimonies of people haveContinue reading “Joy in the sorrow”


What do you think the responses would be if you asked the average Christian; what is ministry? I think people would say Pastor, elder, they may say student pastor, youth pastor, children’s and families worker, but it generally stops there. Sadly, one of the things that is lacking in so many churches is someone whoContinue reading “Unexceptional”

How do I know God’s Will for my life?

If you’ve spent any time at all around Christians, then you’ve heard this question and you’ve probably asked it yourself a number of times too, right? You know those excruciating times where you have no idea what to do, or which direction to take and you feel completely lost at sea. You’ve got questions andContinue reading “How do I know God’s Will for my life?”

Maturing as Christians…

Maturity is not always a given and age is not always a good indication of maturity; the same is true for the Christian. You could have been a Christian for ages or for just a few years, your maturity depends on how you go about living out, investigating and investing in your faith in Christ.Continue reading “Maturing as Christians…”