Choose Your Words Wisely

Words are much more than legible scribbles on a piece of paper. Words are much more than black and white characters on a screen. The way we use our words is important because they can harm or comfort, build up or break down. But more than that, we must be wise in the timing ofContinue reading “Choose Your Words Wisely”

The Makings of a Dull Sermon

A sermon expounds the Word of God, helps us understand the Bible, reminds us of the gospel and calls non-Christians to repent and believe. There are more elements to a sermon, but even from that very short (and oversimplified) list a sermon should never be dull! You would think it is impossible to preach aContinue reading “The Makings of a Dull Sermon”

Do our lives match our words?

I’ve been studying the book of James recently and writing a short series of small group studies on certain parts of the book. I have been seriously challenged by the book of James and it has made me think about how we, as Christians, talk and live. There are many different scenarios and examples ofContinue reading “Do our lives match our words?”