Words are much more than legible scribbles on a piece of paper. Words are much more than black and white characters on a screen. The way we use our words is important because they can harm or comfort, build up or break down. But more than that, we must be wise in the timing of our words. It’s not only the what but also the when.

If you have followed this blog for long you may have picked up on a thing or two about my life. I’m a full-time Assistant Pastor and a part-time seminary study. You’ve probably picked up on my blogging rhythm; Tuesday is book review day, Friday is blog post day and Saturday is Saturday snippets day. All of that providing life isn’t too crazy.

But another thing that you’ve probably noticed is that I don’t speak on very live issues going on in the world. I don’t often blog about social issues or political matters. I don’t blog about scandals and the goings on with the big names in the world. This is not because I’m not informed, but a conscious decision on my part.

I do not address such issues because I often don’t feel informed enough and I want to think enough about something before I say it publicly.

There are bloggers who will post an analysis of something about an hour after it happens. Some do it well, some do not. My problem with such posts is that they might not have the full picture. Situations are always changing and the events of the world are no different. What is simple one day may be complicated the next after more things come to light. Therefore, to be quick to type is a thing to be avoided.

The words we use and the timing of those words are very important. As a pastor, some people will naturally listen and want to hear what I have to say. As a blogger the same is true, because well… here you are. Every single pastor and blogger must be aware that they can be heard as voices of authority. This requires wisdom.

Our job is not to lead people astray, not to feed them half thought out truths, but to present them with truth.

I have nothing against the culture-gazing Christian blogger, go for it and enjoy reading them. But I do worry that sometimes the words, opinions and timing of posting can all be a bit rushed.

Every single Christian is an ambassador for Christ, we are his representatives on earth. Therefore, we should be trying to live in a way that glorifies him, in every area of our lives.

Words can build up and break down. Words can inform and mislead. Words can turn people away and they can point people to Christ. Choose your words wisely, speak the truth in love and make sure you’re glorifying Christ. At the same time, choose the timing of your words. A thought out word 3 months later is better than an unhelpful knee jerk reaction immediately.

Words can be used to do wonderful things, let’s aim to use them in that way in all areas of our life and service. Choose your words wisely and time them well.