Endorsements; a few thoughts on an overlooked or overrated few sentences.

A friend of mine is writing a book, more on that in the coming months, and she asked for my thoughts on endorsements. The publisher had asked for between 10-20 endorsements and she had to chose the people and ask them for the endorsement. My friend asked for my advice and it got me thinking,Continue reading “Endorsements; a few thoughts on an overlooked or overrated few sentences.”

Sex; a taboo or a hobby horse?

If you take a look into many Christian bookshops today you’ll probably find multiple books (if not shelves) on the topic of sex and sexuality. Books about sex for people of all ages to read and learn; teenagers, students, parents, pastors, married couples, youth groups, books about how to teach your kids about sex andContinue reading “Sex; a taboo or a hobby horse?”