How Does God Treat His Friends?

Ever since I can remember Job has been one of my favourite books in the Bible. I have read it numerous times, studied it, listened to many sermon series on it and read a number of books and commentaries on it. However, after each reading I was still left with questions, and I know that I am not the only one.

When people suffer often I have heard people pointing them towards the book of Job, this can be helpful but it can also bring up more questions.

So when I came across another book on Job that I hadn’t read yet, it was a must. I devoured Fyall’s book in 2 days and loved every second of it.

How does God treat His friends? is a small book that is packed with understanding and has so much scholarly work behind it that it is unreal.

Fyall has done a great job at opening up the book of Job and making us accessible and understandable to people.

I found some of my questions answered, some more questions planted and some great insights gained from this small book.

One of the things that Fyall does really well is being he book of Job alive. He explains the characteristics of the speeches of Job’s friends, he speaks to the difficult questions of God and suffering, he speaks at length about Satan’s involvement in suffering and applies Job really well.

Fyall draws the readers attention to the gospel of Mark to help the reader apply the book of Job through the person of Jesus.

If you want to understand Job, want to think through suffering and God’s role in it, or if you’re looking to learn more about wisdom literature that also looks at the historical context of the time, read this book.

There are so many books on Job that are ok, but I must say that this was really was a delight to read. The book is short but packed with powerful truths, the book is full of helpful insights on ancient culture, literature yet it is not academic.

Rating 4/5

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