Strength for the weary

Derek Thomas is becoming one of my favourite authors because of his ability to simplify core doctrinal truths into bite size chunks that are accessible and easy to read.

In Strength for the weary Thomas takes the second half of Isaiah and touches on some of the key themes and explains the context in an uncomplicated way. Thomas speaks on some of the amazing truths that are packed into the book of Isaiah and brings them out for the reader to see God in all of His glory. Thomas finds that balance between teaching people well and making it as easy to read as possible.

Isaiah is a huge book which can sometimes be daunting for people to read in their own devotional times with God, but Isaiah is packed full of great truths about the character of God, the way He deals with His people and His commitment to them.

Strength for the weary is a helpful book because it addresses the fact that often times Christians are hurting and weary, often we can find it difficult as we journey through life wrestling with the Bible and thinking through the role that God should be playing in our lives. This book was a helpful reminder of who I am as a person and who God is. So often I can focus on my situation and question God’s plan but this book is full of truths about God’s comfort and care for His people.

This book is not a commentary on the latter chapters of Isaiah and it also doesn’t deal with every passage (It’s only 141 pages!) but I was slightly disappointed that chapter 58 wasn’t discussed in more detail. Having spent some time on the topic of fasting (which is the topic of Psalm 58) I must say that some of the applications linking fasting to believers today was lacking in this book. This was slightly disappointing because fasting has become a somewhat ‘forgotten discipline’ among many Christians today, and fasting can help people rely on God in their times of weariness. However, I do understand that not every topic could be discussed, nor could every passage be studied in depth.

The final chapter of the book was particularly helpful as it has a discussion on the New Heavens and the New Earth and the teachings on that glorious future from Isaiah’s perspective.

If you want a book which will give you a big picture view of God and his relationship with His covenant people, if you want a book which will unpack the deep theology of Isaiah and if you want a book that will encourage you through your own times of weariness pick up this short book and have a read.

Rating 4/5

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