Saturday Snippets (May 9)

Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers.

Are You An Orphan or a Child?

“Of all the benefits of the gospel offers, none is higher than this truth of the Fatherhood of God. That sounds like an overstatement, but even though justification sets us right with God, it’s the Fatherhood of God that brings us into the family.”

Headship Crowned with Thorns

This is a helpful article on being a father that speaks of God’s good design for the home and church.

Wrestling with Restlessness (In Quarantine)

Some helpful reflections on quarantine from a new blogger on the block, my mate David.

Holiness, a list of ‘do-nots’ or a divinely enabled life?

Holiness is a joy, holiness is a privilege, holiness is a command and holiness is God glorifying. Let’s throw polished politeness out the window and get real, let’s chat about the realities of holiness and be challenged and comforted by the Lord who enables us to be holy.

3 Ways the Holy Spirit Helped Spurgeon Preach

So many preacher hail Spurgeon as a great preacher, for good reason, but let’s not forget by whose strength!

Four Clarifying (I Hope) Thoughts on the Complementarian Conversation

This is a really helpful regarding a very difficult and often confrontational topic.

Politics, Conscience, and the Church: Why Christians Passionately Disagree with One Another over Politics, Why They Must Agree to Disagree over Jagged-Line Political Issues, and How

This article was obviously written in an American context, but I think that there are many similarities that already exist or will become more apparent in the future. Some real wisdom here.

How to move doctrine from heads to hearts (video)

This short video by Beeke is great. I’ve read his book ‘Reformed Preaching’ which is one of the great books on preaching I’ve read.

Exposit the Word

This isn’t an article, but a resource. On this site, and their YouTube channel, you’ll find hundreds of videos of expositional preaching. You will be encouraged, challenged and drawn to worship our great God.

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