Saturday Snippets (May 16)

Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers.

Dying Matters: What the Bible says about death

“We all need to confront our mortality. It’s good for those we leave behind us and it’s good for our own peace of mind – and the Bible’s ancient wisdom confirms this. But the Bible also encourages us to live in the light of eternity, because it tells us death is not the end.”

COVID-19 and The Mark of the Beast

There are so many conspiracy theories surfacing online, many of them surrounding the mark of the beast from the book of Revelation. This article helpful puts that particular aspect of Revelation in its rightful context.

What Differences Does the Trinity Make in Temptation?

“God’s revelation of himself is meant to change every facet of our lives, and this is just one way. In temptation, argue against your sinful nature; resist it with your love for the Father, Son, and Spirit. He gives ample help in your time of need.”

What Shines Through The Cracks

Kris Sinclair has written a helpful article which points you to the beauty of the gospel and how the glory of Christ brings light into our lives.

Dear Pastor, Theologian & Author, simple is generally better!

“Everything that is published, or made available for the average Christian, should be for the average Christian. We shouldn’t be speaking over people’s heads but speaking to their very hearts and drawing them in to see the beauty of the gospel, the magnificence of God and the wonderful Saviour that we serve.”

How Should I Respond to the Growing Pornography Consumption?

“With so many people stuck inside and enduring social isolation, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in church members struggling with pornography. One of the typical schemes of the devil is to take advantage of Christians who are experiencing extended loneliness and isolation.”

Visible success and hidden obscurity in ministry

“Pastoral ministry is a holy calling, but that does not make it invulnerable to perverse motivations and desires. Every pastor knows all about the peculiar temptations and idols of ministry which revolve around success; or merely the appearance of success.”

Bending the COVID Bow of Bronze

A friend of mine has written a helpful article expressing the difficulties of ministry. He is honest and open about the struggles of normal ministry, but also during this time of lockdown.


 Our world is very individualistic, and sadly that same sentiment has creeped into the church. This article is a wonderful reminder that as Christians it isn’t all about individuals. Do not forget the corporate element of our faith.

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