Saturday Snippets (October 17)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

Hope That Doesn’t Disappoint

“The hope we have is based on faith and the promises of God. Like Abraham, we can trust that God will do what he says he will do. We can have not a wavering hope, but a sure and steadfast hope based on the character of God.”

Learning to embrace disruption

Some really interesting thoughts here from Jeremy Marshall on business, Covid, finance, evangelism and taking risks for the gospel.

What If I Just Don’t Get On With That Person at Church?

Too often I’ve seen people run away from others, or even churches, because they feel uncomfortable around a particular person. It’s an opportunity to grow and show Christ-like love.

Dangerous Discipleship

There are models of discipleship that can do more harm than good, here are two that come to mind.

Alistair’s story; the wave that came crashing down

Here’s my story of mental health from years ago and how my experience has helped me, and continues to help me, Pastor people today.

Tom Holland | How Christianity Gained Dominion | A Secular Historian Loses His Faith (In Liberalism)

This is a really interesting video interview. It’s a an hour and fourteen minutes, but definitely worth a read. Also, pick up Holland’s book ‘Dominion’ if you haven’t already.


We need to train Christians to understand the basics of Christian theology, here are 8 suggestions to begin with.

View from Below

Beautiful words from Abigail linking the world we live in to wonderful truths about God and His Word.

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