Saturday Snippets (January 16)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

How Can I Know God’s Will?

“It’s not always easy to know exactly what God wants us to do. A new opportunity presents itself and we find ourselves wondering if we should take it. Maybe you’re presented with two good options and want to know which way the Lord wants you to go. Let me encourage you with three vital steps we must take when trying to discern God’s will”

Would It Be Okay For Me To Be Angry With God?

“Job knew that consolation does not come by raging against God, but by submitting to him. Comfort comes not from anger at the divine will, but acquiescence to it.”

The Weakness of Prayer Makes Strong Christians

“No, prayer isn’t magic, because we have no power in and of ourselves. Prayer is expressed helplessness. It is a verbalized acknowledgment of our own lack of power, of our own weakness. And it is in our weakness that God’s power is perfected (2 Cor. 12:9).”

The Lone Ranger and The Couch Commentator…

“The Lone Ranger, the person characterised by the catchphrase “I work on my own terms”. The couch commentator, the one always sitting on the sidelines but always has an opinion on how things should be done. We laugh and joke about these generalisations, but they are real and they are dangerous.”

Is there such a thing as Biblical Manhood?

“Whether my mum’s old refrain that “manners maketh the man” is exactly Biblical, it is certainly trut that in godly Biblical men we see a model of gentle toughness, humility, kindness, love and service. If we want to aspire to Biblical manhood, we would do well to aspire to those things.”

Three Helpful Ways for Older Pastors to Mentor Younger Pastors

“Mentoring doesn’t have to be haphazard. Nor does mentoring have to be a formal program with rigorous weekly meetings. Mentoring can simply be older pastors seizing opportunities to model behavior for younger pastors. Younger pastors need to hear stories of battle scars from older pastors. Younger pastors need to see sacrificial giving lived out by older pastors. Younger pastors need to learn initiative from older pastors. And younger pastors will not likely learn true accountability unless older pastors model it.”

Should All Missionaries Be Elders?

This is a response to an interesting article posted on the 9marks website. Helpful thoughts from Mark Pickett.

What happens to virtue in an age of social media?

“The Church must be such a community for Christians, firmly tethering them to a stable and secure reality, lest in an unchecked ascent into the abstract airiness of social media they were to float away entirely.”

An Unlived Life

“Where we are right now and with whom we are right now are molding and shaping us, and all at the mercy of a God who promises only a fate of good for those who love him.”

A Prayer For The Father Of A Wandering Son

“It’s difficult to watch your son’s heart grow cold toward the beauty of God’s grace. No Father ever walks with his son through formative years imagining the day when he looks you in the eye and says, “I’m not sure I want this for my life. Your ways aren’t my ways.” Yet for some, the days comes when the conversation you dread echoes in your ears and your own heartbeat is a dull thudding behind your eyes.”

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