Saturday Snippets (August 7)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…


“Sure, the church is faulty and frail and full of misfits, but she is also a Bride set apart for glory…. The church is a laboratory for love and the practice field for the “one anothers.” Therefore, seek to out-praise, out-value, and out-recognize your fellow believers in these uncertain days.”

Better Than Boundaries

“While “boundaries” is a one-word, seemingly all-purpose answer, there is another approach that is more complex, nuanced, and faithful to Scripture. It is found in a trio of biblical concepts—limitations, love, and wisdom—which work together to bring greater holiness and health to our lives and relationships.”

Vulnerability is good

“Vulnerability is good because it reminds you that you are weak. Vulnerability is good because it reminds you that you can’t ‘fix’ anything. Vulnerability is good because it pushes you more into the arms of a faithful, trustworthy, loving God who calls people to cast their burdens on him.”

Breathing in the Light

Kris is a dear brother who opens up about something very personal here. Pray for him. Pray that the Lord would bless him, his family and his work. Follow his writing too, you will be challenged, encouraged and pointed to Christ.

Thoughts on book endorsements (from someone who works in publishing)

I find this whole topic of endorsements very interesting and I’m thankful for Creedy and his reflections.

Baptism: A Guide for the Dry

Richard has written this great post which could easily be printed into a booklet. I think that this could be a great tool. If you’re in publishing, consider getting behind this little project.

The Purpose of Sunday is the Re-evangelization of the People of God

“The sinner’s need for the gospel doesn’t end when he is converted. While the fullness of eternal life is bestowed upon the vilest sinner at that point, he still needs the good news to grow him, mature him, sanctify him. And when we stand before Christ our Judge at the last day, we will be standing on nothing more than the gospel for our acceptance even then.”

Why Charismatics and Calvinists Need Each Other

“Charismatics and Calvinists need each other. We don’t have to agree to be agreeable. We don’t have to compromise our consciences to effect change. And we don’t have to sacrifice biblical faithfulness for spiritual power. We can have both, but to get both we’ll probably need to get around each other.”

Psalm 90: Wisdom Means Numbering Our Days Not Living As If Every Day Is Our Last

“To live each day as if it is our last is ultimately to over-estimate our own importance to the plans and purposes of God. As Ps 90 reminds us, he is eternal, and we are temporary. He is ‘from everlasting to everlasting’, and we are like the new grass of the morning that is dry and withered by afternoon. His timescales are different to ours, and he will accomplish his covenant purposes through generations of his people.”

Teach Children to Value Singleness

“Parents can be careful not to present marriage and singleness as two separate paths for their children’s lives as adults. Even if people end up married, they will probably have some years being single as young adults and perhaps years of singleness in older age, too. Parents should help their children realize they likely will have adult years as a single person and to value those years, rather than framing them as something to escape from.”

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