The God of the Mundane

Living in a world that tells people to be their ‘best self’, to achieve greatness and do something special with their lives is tiring. The focus is on the extraordinary, rather than the day to day grind of normal life. Well, it’s just wrong and it’s wreaking havoc in so many people’s lives.

Instead of focusing on the special we need to think about the mundane. This happens in the church too. We focus on the missionaries, the life changers, the people who did great things for God. But do we also consider the faithful mum who teaches her children about Jesus? Or the faithful employee who serves diligently and is a witness to his colleagues?

Instead of preaching a gospel that is all about constantly going the extra mile which can act like a snapping whip on the backs of faithful men and women, teach them what God has done for them.

That’s what this book is all about. It’s a reminder that God has done far more for us than we could ever imagine. It’s a reminder that the Lord created the mundane and He treats those doing such tasks the same as everyone else.

In this great little book Redmond helps the reader see that their worth is not in what they can do for God, but it’s in what God has already done for them. This message frees the Lord’s people from the pressure to do more and be better, but instead it tells us to glorify God in everything.

Wash dishes to the glory of God. Change a nappy to the glory of God. Go to your office job to the glory of God. You get the point. God isn’t only glorified when His people do wonderful and ‘front line’ stuff for God.

I would highly recommend this book. You will be challenged, encouraged and comforted to come before the God of the mundane and to praise Him with what you have and what you do on a daily basis. This would be a great book for a discipleship 1-1 or a study group.

I intentionally haven’t put any quotes in this review because I didn’t want to soften the impact of the book and it’s message. The mundane can be glorious if we do it with and for the Lord. Grab a copy here and enjoy the freedom of the mundane.

Matt Redmond was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and lives there today. He attended Southeastern Bible College and Covenant Theological Seminary, and has served in pastoral ministry, taught school, worked in the banking industry, and now does counseling focus- ing on marriage, anxiety, and anger.
Matt and his wife, Bethany, have three children: Emma, Knox, and Dylan. Matt’s writing has been published by The Gospel Coalition, He Reads Truth, and other publications. He also writes at his blog, Echoes and Stars (

*** I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. This does not change the way I rate the book, my views are my own. ***

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