Saturday Snippets (January 15)

As well as reading a lot of books, I also read a ton of articles every week. Here are some of the articles that I’ve read recently and have found interesting, helpful, challenging and encouraging. I hope that they will be the same for you, my dear readers…

The Forgotten Gift of Evening Worship

“For many, the gift of evening worship on the Lord’s Day has suffered a similar fate [that of a forgotten gift]. So, in this season of fresh starts and resolutions, here are some biblical, historical, and practical reasons you should cherish the gift of evening worship.”


“As I dust and re-dust all the things all the time, I start to feel convicted by the way I care for my home–because that process looks quite a bit different from the way that I care for my soul. I scour the shower because I can’t handle the thought of what’s growing on those walls, all the while my heart is buried deep in dirt that is feeding poisonous weeds.”

“Pick up your suit, deny your hoodie and follow me”?

“Can a church have such a thing as an unbiblical culture? It sure can! Look around the world, both past and present, and you’ll find churches whose doors are only opened to you if you’re a certain colour, social class, background or if you’re sticking to a certain dress code. Sure, it isn’t true of every middle class church, but there can be an unbiblical culture that is alive in middle-class churches.”

The People Who Divide Us: Reviewing Owen Strachan’s “Christianity and Wokeness”

“The following critique is established in three parts. Part one will explore whether the content of Strachan’s exhortation against wokeness binds the consciences of Christians. Part two will critique inconsistencies in the theological application. Finally, part three will compare Strachan’s engagement a key figure and inspiration of Christianity and Wokeness, J. Gresham Machen.”

Loss and Scandal Led Me to Jesus: Why I’m Not ‘Deconstructing’

“As I sought him in my wreckage, Jesus met me. In my crazed condition, he put me in my right mind; in my defiled condition, he made me clean. He won the battleground of my heart; by his gospel, he transformed me into what I was meant to be — a daughter of God, an emissary of his kingdom.”


“You tell me which of us will be more embarrassed on the Day of the Lord? The one of us who told somebody they weren’t a believer and pleaded with them to actually trust Christ, or the one looking on their friend being ushered into a lost eternity who told them that they were fine and on their way to glory for definites? Which one of us will look the nicer then?”

The Inside-Out Approach to Sexual Integrity and Wholeness

“Sexually, the church has usually operated with an outside-in approach. That is, we have tended to teach that if we work hard to avoid certain “sinful” sexual behaviors, we will create attitudes that will help us be more Christlike. The problem with such an approach is that this is not the way Jesus taught. He didn’t say, “Fight sin, my children, and you’ll be more like me.” He said, “Come have a love relationship with me and with the Father, and my light will drive out the darkness.””

7 Ways Church Helps Healthy Thinking

“Without getting “too psychological” – here are seven ways that church participation can help people to think well and live life in a healthy way”

Why Your Pastor Needs Encouragement Now and How to Help

“In 21+yrs of pastoral ministry, I have never spoken to so many weary colleagues. This isn’t the normal tiredness arising from the rigours of ministry life but is genuinely concerning spiritual fatigue.”

How has ‘end times’ expectation shaped Christian history and theology?

An interesting written interview about Revelation worth reading.

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