The heart of an under-shepherd…

Church leadership is hard; it involves stress, worries, late nights, deep conversations and frustrations. But at the same time church leadership is a joy; it is a pleasure to serve, care for, guide, point people to Christ and love people like family. I have just started my third year of ministry at a church leadershipContinue reading “The heart of an under-shepherd…”

The path that’s hard but beautiful

How dare God ask that of me? Who is He is expect me to follow that outdated command? How on Earth can I live the life that the Bible tells me to? If you’re like me you’ve definitely heard these questions and many more. Maybe you have even thought them yourself in the past orContinue reading “The path that’s hard but beautiful”

Comfortable Christianity…

It’s so easy to get pulled into the thinking that church is there to serve us, isn’t it? People go to churches that they like, which is not always the church that they actually need. People soften the gospel message to make it nicer to hear. People can be more concerned with entertainment rather thanContinue reading “Comfortable Christianity…”

How complementarian is our complementarianism?

I’m generally the kind of guy who will sit in the back of the room contemplating something, or if someone asks a question I’ll not answer, right away, but think on it for a wee while. One of the things that I have been thinking about recently is complementarianism, and more specifically how exactly thisContinue reading “How complementarian is our complementarianism?”