Creating a teaching culture in the home…

How many things that you do in your home are a result of the culture of the world and how many are intentional culture changes that you have made because of your faith? Some people live as if saying grace before a meal and having Bibles on the bookshelf is enough, but the Bible callsContinue reading “Creating a teaching culture in the home…”

Are we setting our kids up to fail?

One of the privileges that I’ve had over the last few years is seeing children and youth ministry within the contexts of different churches, in different countries and with different leading styles. In the most recent few years I have enjoyed leading the youth ministry in two different churches. The question that I find myselfContinue reading “Are we setting our kids up to fail?”

The importance of teaching…5 practical ways to help us teach the next generation

Teaching is a wonderful, but also a daunting thing. If it is done well, it can change someones life forever, if it is done badly it can cause them to dislike that topic forever. Teaching is tricky, but it is also vitally important! This is the case with people of all ages and with aContinue reading “The importance of teaching…5 practical ways to help us teach the next generation”