Are we setting our kids up to fail?

One of the privileges that I’ve had over the last few years is seeing children and youth ministry within the contexts of different churches, in different countries and with different leading styles. In the most recent few years I have enjoyed leading the youth ministry in two different churches. The question that I find myselfContinue reading “Are we setting our kids up to fail?”

Gay Girl, Good God

One of the biggest issues that currently divides the Church is how we respond to sexuality and the LGBT community. There are those who affirm the LGBT community along with their practices, and there are those who do not. The rhetoric surrounding this issues is one of polar extremes, people seem to either love orContinue reading “Gay Girl, Good God”

A problem with Christianity today…

Have you ever spent any amount of time with a 4-5 year old? I remember a few years back spending a good chunk of time with a wonderful family whose son was 5 at the time. One of the things that you would hear approximately every 10 seconds was “why daddy?” It was quite cuteContinue reading “A problem with Christianity today…”

Raising Kids in the way of Grace

Let’s start off with pure honesty… Parenting is difficult! Every parent that I have spoken to has explained how becoming a parent was and still is the most difficult thing that they have ever done, but at the same time children are also one of the greatest gifts from God. But wouldn’t we all loveContinue reading “Raising Kids in the way of Grace”