Feasting or snacking?

Over the last few days I have been writing a sermon on Romans 5:1-11, which means that I have spent the last while getting my head into the book of Romans and specifically trying to understand Romans 5-8.

Romans is a theological ocean that will fill your head with information about God and humanity, that will fill your heart with a great love for the Lord and that will give you a desire to serve Him more.

But I’ve also been reflecting on how easy it is for people to just skim over verses without thinking about their significance for your life. The Bible is a feast Continue reading “Feasting or snacking?”

The Trojan horse of false teaching…

The title might sound a little bit dramatic and it might raise a few questions for the reader, but I don’t think I’m being over dramatic. I think that false teaching really is a Trojan horse because people use the same language and yet mean different things.

People can entertain false teaching because it is often surrounded by hype.Continue reading “The Trojan horse of false teaching…”

Before you open your Bible

All you you need to do is go into any christian books shop, whether physical or digital, and you will find stacks and stacks of books on topics like how to read and apply the bible, how to understand the reliability of the bible. Those are all great books! But this little book is, as far as I know, the only book of it’s kind.Continue reading “Before you open your Bible”

3 dangers of changing Scripture to be more comfortable…

One of the growing trends that I have seen come to the surface in recent days is that an increasing number of people are putting their feelings over Scripture. The idea can be summed up in this statement “I feel that this is the right things, therefore, it must be the right thing”

This is not a new phenomenon. Continue reading “3 dangers of changing Scripture to be more comfortable…”

Gender and Transgender, how should Christians respond?

No one can deny that in recent years there has been a big change in society’s view of sexuality and gender. Christians cannot, therefore, be silent on the matter but must engage with and try to understand this shift and approach it well.Continue reading “Gender and Transgender, how should Christians respond?”

Where did our healthy reading culture go?

As you have probably guessed already, I spend a lot of my time reading, but I also spend a lot of time talking about books. I talk about books through this blog, through this blog’s Facebook page and in person. I recommend books to tons of people and I really enjoy putting good resources in people’s hands. I do it so much that two weeks ago one of the members in my Small Group called me a walking library, I took it as a compliment. Continue reading “Where did our healthy reading culture go?”