Creating a teaching culture in the home…

How many things that you do in your home are a result of the culture of the world and how many are intentional culture changes that you have made because of your faith? Some people live as if saying grace before a meal and having Bibles on the bookshelf is enough, but the Bible calls Christians to live very distinct lives in the world and to always point people to God.Continue reading “Creating a teaching culture in the home…”

Why only paddle?

Think back to those holidays at the beach as a child. You’d be standing in the sand with the waves gently wrapping around your feet. Even now as an adult, at least in Scotland, people love to walk along the sea and paddle. We enjoy tipping out toes in and getting a feel for the water. How often do we treat theology and the Christian walk in the same way?Continue reading “Why only paddle?”

Do you walk the walk?

One of the easiest things in the world to do, especially if your British, is to stand and criticise. It’s so simple to see flaws in a person, in the global church or in a Christian denomination when you’re standing outside of it. Many people like to point out flaws, to point the finger and criticise but do they ever come up with solutions?Continue reading “Do you walk the walk?”