Don’t waste your isolation!

How many times in prayer meetings, or discussions with brothers and sisters in Christ, have we said “I just wish I had more time!”? We’re surrounded by constant distractions and things that pull on our time. Prayer time is shortened, Bible reading is all but gone except for a wee quick verse in the morningContinue reading “Don’t waste your isolation!”

Sex; a taboo or a hobby horse?

If you take a look into many Christian bookshops today you’ll probably find multiple books (if not shelves) on the topic of sex and sexuality. Books about sex for people of all ages to read and learn; teenagers, students, parents, pastors, married couples, youth groups, books about how to teach your kids about sex andContinue reading “Sex; a taboo or a hobby horse?”

Books about the bedroom…

Over the last few years there have been tons and tons of books written on the topic of sexuality from a Christian perspective. It’s a topic that I’ve read a lot about, but not one that I necessarily post about a lot. One of the reasons that I don’t post often about is that sexualityContinue reading “Books about the bedroom…”

Some of the books I’ve read recently…

One of the joys of reading the amount of material that I do is that I get to devour tons and tons of knowledge. One of the downsides is that I can’t always write full reviews on every book. If I reviewed every book I read, I’d need to make this my full-time job! ButContinue reading “Some of the books I’ve read recently…”

Sermon notes, why and how?

Two things encourage me most as a preacher; one is seeing people get their heads stuck into Scripture and following along in the text as I preach and the second is seeing people take notes. If a Christian goes to church every Sunday of the year then they hear 52 sermons a year, if theyContinue reading “Sermon notes, why and how?”

The most important weapon in your possession…

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, or have ever spoken to me at all you’ll know that I read tons and tons of books. I enjoy devouring information and learning from the insights of many people who are much smarter than myself. But the most important weapon that any ChristianContinue reading “The most important weapon in your possession…”

The identity of every human being…

We live in a world where many people are searching for their identity. People are asking the question ‘who am I?’ People are searching for purpose and meaning in life. But many people don’t know where to look. People are find a sense of identity in their jobs, social status, relationship status, likes on FaceBook,Continue reading “The identity of every human being…”

Who am I, what is my identity?

Who am I? What is my identity? These are two massive questions that our world seems to be wrestling with. As one would expect, the world tries to answer this question by looking within the individual, it’s the “I am who and what I want to be” kind of attitude. But the Bible presents aContinue reading “Who am I, what is my identity?”

Truth trumps experience…

We all have a different story, we all come from different back grounds and have different experiences. I was raised in a charismatic church, then went to a conservative evangelical church, then went to a Presbyterian church, now I’m back serving in an independent evangelical church. I was raised egalitarian and Arminian (I think), nowContinue reading “Truth trumps experience…”