Does your view of Israel diminish the work of the Cross?

In the UK we have just recently celebrated Easter, the wonderful celebration and time of the year that Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter is not the only time of the year that we should remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus, this should be celebrated as a local bodyContinue reading “Does your view of Israel diminish the work of the Cross?”

Books about the bedroom…

Over the last few years there have been tons and tons of books written on the topic of sexuality from a Christian perspective. It’s a topic that I’ve read a lot about, but not one that I necessarily post about a lot. One of the reasons that I don’t post often about is that sexualityContinue reading “Books about the bedroom…”

The identity of every human being…

We live in a world where many people are searching for their identity. People are asking the question ‘who am I?’ People are searching for purpose and meaning in life. But many people don’t know where to look. People are find a sense of identity in their jobs, social status, relationship status, likes on FaceBook,Continue reading “The identity of every human being…”

Who am I, what is my identity?

Who am I? What is my identity? These are two massive questions that our world seems to be wrestling with. As one would expect, the world tries to answer this question by looking within the individual, it’s the “I am who and what I want to be” kind of attitude. But the Bible presents aContinue reading “Who am I, what is my identity?”

What I read on holiday…

I was working over Christmas and New Year and had quite a busy time, but as 2020 came into being I had just over a week off. But don’t let the picture confuse you, I was not on a tropical beach. My wife, Sabine, and I enjoyed a week of holiday in our flat inContinue reading “What I read on holiday…”