Study the Word…

As 2020 is coming just over the horizon maybe, like many Christians in the world, you’re thinking “What will I study in the Bible this year?” We spend so much time thinking about what we, as adults, do and study in our quiet times, but do we afford our children and young people the sameContinue reading “Study the Word…”

Beyond the Big C

Suffering and pain are a part of life, aren’t they? Maybe it’s your suffering or that of a loved one but we all, to one degree or another, suffer in this life. As a pastor I often sit with people who are hurting, some from physical suffering, others with mental and spiritual suffering. People askContinue reading “Beyond the Big C”

Who is Jesus?

I was in a shop yesterday and got into an interesting conversation with the shop keeper. The gentleman was a Sikh and we got chatting about the materialistic nature of Christmas today among other things. My wife said something along these lines “as Christians we believe that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ,Continue reading “Who is Jesus?”

Are you taking Christ out of Christmas?

The assessment of many Christians today is that, in the west at least, we live in a post-Christian society. Many people in the world think that they know what Christianity is, what Christians believe and who Jesus is. However, the minute you actually start sharing the gospel you’ll realise that people don’t really know allContinue reading “Are you taking Christ out of Christmas?”