4 practical books for Christians today…

There are a plethora of Christian books out there, some good and some bad, some technical and some practical. Often it’s hard to know where to start. Here are four very good and practical books that I’ve read recently, each of them is designed to help you put your faith into action. Each book isContinue reading “4 practical books for Christians today…”

Pastors, get training!

I currently live and pastor in Scotland, a country that has a strong spiritual history, but sadly that is not the case anymore. The percentage of the population that would consider themselves Christian is unbelievably low and an increasing amount of churches are compromising on the gospel. Some people are taking the view that thisContinue reading “Pastors, get training!”

Don’t waste your isolation!

How many times in prayer meetings, or discussions with brothers and sisters in Christ, have we said “I just wish I had more time!”? We’re surrounded by constant distractions and things that pull on our time. Prayer time is shortened, Bible reading is all but gone except for a wee quick verse in the morningContinue reading “Don’t waste your isolation!”

When Narcissism Comes to Church

In recent weeks, months and years we have seen strong leaders fall, we’ve seen sin come to the surface and people have been hurt. It is not my place to speak about those topics, to speak about the circumstances or to pretend that I have the answer. However, one thing is certain in all ofContinue reading “When Narcissism Comes to Church”

What I read on holiday…

I was working over Christmas and New Year and had quite a busy time, but as 2020 came into being I had just over a week off. But don’t let the picture confuse you, I was not on a tropical beach. My wife, Sabine, and I enjoyed a week of holiday in our flat inContinue reading “What I read on holiday…”

Don’t treat them like a hired hand…

I recently attended a conference for church leaders; it was a great time of fellowship with others in full-time ministry and a great opportunity to sit under the teaching of God’s Word. In one of the sessions the speaker touched on the well known passage where Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd in John 10.Continue reading “Don’t treat them like a hired hand…”

The Pastor’s Life…

There are countless books out there describing the job description, responsibilities and difficulties of the life of a pastor. There are plenty of books that tell the stories of wonderful faithful pastors who have fought the good fight. But there aren’t that many well-known books that are written about the pastor’s personal and spiritual life.Continue reading “The Pastor’s Life…”

Equip and enable women to serve…

Women’s ministry is seen by many churches as a nice thing to do, it normally involves afternoon tea and craft events. Whilst men’s ministry involves curry nights and watching the football or rugby. To unpack all of that is a whole different blog post in itself. But here I want to stress the importance of


What do you think the responses would be if you asked the average Christian; what is ministry? I think people would say Pastor, elder, they may say student pastor, youth pastor, children’s and families worker, but it generally stops there. Sadly, one of the things that is lacking in so many churches is someone whoContinue reading “Unexceptional”