Bible reading and devotions…

So it’s now the 8th January… how’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? Have you taken the first bite of chocolate? Have you skipped leg day? Did you give in and devour the whole bag of crisps? New Year’s resolutions aren’t bad things but we are bad at them. After a week or two (ifContinue reading “Bible reading and devotions…”

When Heaven invades Earth

One of the biggest names in many churches today is Bethel it’s usually because of their music. However, whilst there are many people who love their music there are many people who do not like it. The reasons for such feelings vary; some people don’t like the sound of their music but other dislike theirContinue reading “When Heaven invades Earth”

Short Christmas giveaways…

Christmas gives us a wonderful opportunity to tell people about Jesus, it gives us the opportunity to give a reason for our faith in God and it gives us the chance to take people beyond the crib and to look to the cross. Here are a few booklets and tracts that I’ve looked at thatContinue reading “Short Christmas giveaways…”

Three great children’s books

This is a bit of a different post from my normal weekly book review, instead of giving a bigger review of one book, I decided to give three shorter reviews of three great children’s books. If you don’t have children, don’t stop reading! These books are great ideas for gifts for families and children forContinue reading “Three great children’s books”

An even better Christmas

That’s it folks we are over the line, we have passed the turn off signs, we cannot pass go and collect £200, it is November which means that Christmas is just around the corner. Do not panic! As this Christmas season approaches people get excited, present are bought, carols are sung, meals are being thoughtContinue reading “An even better Christmas”

Effective evangelism…

“Unfortunately, I have found that many Christians think of evangelism the same way, foisting Christian beliefs on strangers in chance encounters. The problem with this approach is that the gospel requires a radical life change, and not many people are about to listen to strangers telling them to change the way they live. What doContinue reading “Effective evangelism…”