The Porn Problem

There are many topics that Christians feel uncomfortable talking about. These range from mental health to sex, and from gender to death, but Vaughan Roberts is tackling these topics with his series ‘Talking Points’. Currently the series has three books – Transgender, The Porn Problem & Assisted Suicide. Each of these topics can be referredContinue reading “The Porn Problem”

Dealing with Depression

We all know what it’s like to feel down. Some of us even know what it feels like to live with depression, or, as it’s sometimes called, ‘the black dog’. Indeed, statistics show that 1 in 4 people per year in the UK will experience a mental health problem. As Christians, living in this fallenContinue reading “Dealing with Depression”

Strength for the weary

Derek Thomas is becoming one of my favourite authors because of his ability to simplify core doctrinal truths into bite size chunks that are accessible and easy to read. In Strength for the weary Thomas takes the second half of Isaiah and touches on some of the key themes and explains the context in anContinue reading “Strength for the weary”

How Does God Treat His Friends?

Ever since I can remember Job has been one of my favourite books in the Bible. I have read it numerous times, studied it, listened to many sermon series on it and read a number of books and commentaries on it. However, after each reading I was still left with questions, and I know thatContinue reading “How Does God Treat His Friends?”