Wild at Heart

Generally speaking I read a lot of different material, different topics from all kinds of authors. I don’t review every book that I read, nor do I want to waste your time by reviewing books that you (my lovely readers) won’t find helpful and hopefully insightful. But with some books you just can’t resist… WildContinue reading “Wild at Heart”

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

I haven’t read a book about somebody’s journey to faith in a long time, I almost forgot how great they can be. Most of the time I read theology books, books about Christian ministry, or Christian living books that I’ve been given to review. Recently a friend of mine read Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus andContinue reading “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”

The Porn Problem

There are many topics that Christians feel uncomfortable talking about. These range from mental health to sex, and from gender to death, but Vaughan Roberts is tackling these topics with his series ‘Talking Points’. Currently the series has three books – Transgender, The Porn Problem & Assisted Suicide. Each of these topics can be referredContinue reading “The Porn Problem”

Dealing with Depression

We all know what it’s like to feel down. Some of us even know what it feels like to live with depression, or, as it’s sometimes called, ‘the black dog’. Indeed, statistics show that 1 in 4 people per year in the UK will experience a mental health problem. As Christians, living in this fallenContinue reading “Dealing with Depression”